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That title is not instructions for you, it’s my favorite line from Hellboy, that I repeat, a lot

I’m sitting here in front of the nations football game, which is just super (Jennifer Hudson owns the National Anthem) and thought I’d update y’all on the progress of:

a. My TV rationing

2. My fatness

As for the TV rationing, it’s going fairly well (aside from today – stupid football…) Seen had Rachel on when I got home Monday, but I worked on checking blogs, writing, brushing cats and other things. Tuesday, I was out at a networking event but still watched Fringe when I got home late. Weds, we played Wii for about an hour. Okay, that’s kind of wasting time in front of the TV, but me and the hubby are interacting and moving around instead of couch potatoeing. Thursday I hit the hay at 8:30, read for like 10 minutes and passed out, jury duty is exhausting. Friday was Tivo of The Soup, Burn Notice (which is a modern day, one man A-team + Bruce Campbell) and then more Wii. On Saturday, exhausted from 90 min of tennis in the sun, we watched a movie and then surfed the channels for about 20 minutes before I was just bored with TV altogether. So, after my history of 3 hours of mind-numbing every night for 30+ years, this week I was ok at rationing the media input (about 5 hours for the week), therefore not a complete loser, just a mild one.

On the health front:
Me and Seen are in training for the Firecracker 5k, which is next Sunday. Yup, we are so outta shape that we are training for a 5k (that’s 3.1 miles for those of you who, like me, don’t convert the metrics so well.) I have been running at the gym 2-3x’s a week since Jan 1 and upped it to 4x’s this week. Even though I was on boring ole jury duty this week, I’ve managed to lose 2.5 lbs and am up to 2.77 miles in 1/2 hour. Today we ran around the park on the 5k route and managed a 35 min time. I find running kind of boring and my knees hurt a little. Did I mention the run is next week and it’s uphill for the first mile? I’m a little anxious… After this 5k, I think we’re going to cross train during the week and then on the weekends focus on hiking TO THE EXTREME!!!

I’m also eating healthier. Even enjoyed some brussel sprouts from the broiler the other night. We are going back to our cheat day one day a week plan. It’s logic we learned back when we originally got health on Body For Life. Basically, you take all your cravings through out the week and shove all the indulgence into one day. If you eat healthy the rest of the week, it really doesn’t mess with your system too much (other than the tummy ache). I think the promise of cheat day kept me from going on the ice cream run at work on the stressful Friday. We had Hots chicken nachos, beers and a 2/3 of a lemon bar from corner bakery. My body is so used to correct portions now, Seen and I could only finish 1/2 the nachos and I couldn’t finish my lemon bar. Plus, apparently nachos are a kind of sleeping pill, cause we were knocked OUT!

So it was a week of 3 minor victories. I’m looking forward to focusing my free-will and discipline on TV, running and eating right next week!

Happy Super Day!

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  • Seen Robinson

    You should be icing that knee.I’m very proud of how far you’ve come with your running and commitment to health.Keep up the great work and here’s to the sucky Firecracker 5k on Sunday.Stupid 5k.S

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