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Hi my loyal reader!

According to a recent survey, which I heard quoted by the fascinatingly vapid Robin Roberts on GMA, the average readership of any given personal blog is 1. That is O.N.E. One. So HELLO loyal reader of one, which is me, or Seen, the husband of a million womens’s dreams. Can I be a reader of my blog, since I’m writing it? Because technically, I need to know how to read to write my blog. Hmm, things to ponder for the ages.

Stay tuned, darling, cause I’ll be posting all my writing stuff here, to share my brilliance with you. My husband, who reads it straight from my notebooks anyways.

BTW, honey, we need to color my hair. The brown is starting to show at the roots.

As they say at Empress Chinese Pavillion, the Dim Sum Specialists. “Good Night and Good Duck.”


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