There are a lot of me.

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I recently looked up some old friends on the Google. Ya know how sometimes you wanna talk to people you used to be friends with but drifted apart from for some reason? Those are the folks I’ve been looking for. It’s really only like 3 people, my friend pool is the kind that you blow up in the summer and it leaves a round patch of dead grass in the middle of your lawn when you’re done with it.

So I figured, maybe somebody is Googling me (though you think I’d notice something like being Googled). I thought I’d see what might happen if somebody Googled my maiden name. I am unfound 🙁 There is a famous Apprentice loser who shares my maiden name. She takes up the first 10 pages of Google, mostly in English, but then it shows you her websites in Spanish, German, French and something I believe is Korean.

I thought I’d Google my married name, see if I fare any better on the Google-ometer that way. Nope. Lot’s of me-s in that category too. I am not the one who is the rocket scientist. So I am un-Googlable. Lost in a crowd of the ordinary. There are way too many me-s.

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