The Good part of shopping

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I’ve spent the last 2 Saturdays shopping for Christmas. After 2 Christmases of being able to shop on Weekdays, I had forgotten how sucky it is to be trapped in a Mall with consumers and cranky clerks. But the prices were right!

Here were the good things that happened while we were shopping:

1. The book “Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals” It is pricelessly precious and awful and funny. HIGHLY recommend as your Yankee Swap gift.

2. Helping an Old Lady. The place – Ghetto Target. The time – 9:13 a.m. on a Saturday. The subject – Carla the old lady who fell, face first onto the hard tile ground after her walker ran out too far in front of her. Seen and I helped her onto the walker seat and Seen went to get a wheelchair/helper while I sat and talked to Carla. No, she wasn’t hurt in the fall. She has a cat named Grandma, an 8 month old mutt from the pound that her son brought her. Yes, she had a ride home as she lives in a nursing home and a bus dropped off a bunch of old shoppers and would be picking them up in a little while. We got Carla to the check-out ok. She was sitting in the lunch area with her cat food and wire hangers when we walked out later.

3. NPH sighting. To end our day of shopping, we went to JoAnne’s on Riverside in the Valley to buy flannel and fleece. Mom is making us PJ Pants! While I was waiting in line, a blonde, skinny guy walked by me and I thought “was that NPH? naaahhh…” It was 7:00 p.m. on a Saturday. We’re at a fabric store in the valley. naaahh. Then, as we walked our cozy fabric purchase to the car, Seen said “Did you see Neil Patrick Harris? He was right behind you.” Whoa. Weird. Random. So Los Angeles.

Merry Christmas!

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