That’s Done

 In tee shirt, tshirt

So. Tired. of. Selfies.

Thank god t-shirt week is over. Even though it was something I made the choice to mire myself in, I’m glad to be done with it for a few reasons.


Now I can look in my closet and wear whatever floats my skirt. Even, possibly, if available, a floating skirt.

Selfie madness

Never mastered the selfie. Not once in that whole week of selfie taking. A whole week people.

It’s all about me

As an introvert, I’m good with talking about myself for about 90 seconds. Then I turn into “a good listener”. I am enamored with learning about people and their lives and am highly uncomfortable blathering on about myself. Double that with blathering on about an inane topic like what kind of t-shirts I own and wear and I am exhausted.

This week was meant to serve as an exercise to see if I could blog every day. I did it, with the exception of the no electricity day. Now, we return you to a regularly scheduled blog, about things other than what is covering my boobies today…and many, many fewer selfies.

There was much rejoicing.

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