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This post makes me feel a little like Andy Rooney, only I’m not as funny or as saggy (yet): Didya ever wonder who is so important that they have to be texting while they’re on a treadmill?

We’re going to the gym now instead of Muscle Beach, which is not happy making because I am still sans iPod and our current gym is like 4 blocks from UCLA, so it’s filled with beautiful co-eds who are probably very smart, but because I’m shallow and they’re pretty, let’s just say they are vapid and I prefer working out on Muscle Beach, well, cause it’s on the beach and it’s all gymnastical and body weight. (and it’s cool.)

But Seen hurt his ankle on the Santa Monica stairs, and we’re workout buddies, so we go to the gym so he can avoid feet related exercises, like slippery stairs and walking and such.

While at the gym, I try to just focus on my own mat, as they say in yoga. Focus on my own workout, but hell, there are pretty co-eds of both varieties to look at. Lots of eye candy and fashion ideas. What cracks me up is the 40% of girls, and about 3% of the boys, who are texting while they work out. I can not relate (or conjugate) to textercisers.

Dude, I don’t really like going to the gym, so I’m gonna actually make an effort while I’m there, so I can get OUT of there. Why go if you’re just gonna kinda pedal on the stationary bike while textercising or sorta do crunches while your thumbs are flying away? Okay, you do look good in your Juicy sweat gear, but there is a Coffee Bean 3 doors away… Much less effort down there, and they have cookies!

“I just don’t get it.” Amy Rooney

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