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I gotta get outta here and do my civic duty (I was selected to be on a jury, try to disguise your envy.)

First though, today is the sharing between the Munchys. I’ve mentioned our Munchela before, but there is another Munchy in the world, same age, 17 yrs old and similar markings. The differences are; the other Munchy is a boy and has fluffy long fur. Oh and the boy Munchy doesn’t live with an evil calico who has a tendency towards kitty leap-frog.

So, by request, here are some pix of our old lady Munch. She is a weirdo who yells alot, even when she’s happy, so we have a LOT of pictures of her mouth open and eyes all squinty. She’s been with us a long time and experienced many of life’s changes. She’s always been awesome. Always.

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  • Seen Robinson

    I love you (and your little cat too)!

  • Joseph

    She is SO cute! We can almost hear her yowling. Yeowk! Joseph & Munchy from Troy Bear

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