Sounds of the Season – Part 1

 In Amy Robinson, rambling

FrankenfaceIf you go looking for a graham cracker at my Mom’s house, you’re going to be greeted by a moaning ghost. It’s from my Dad.

The ghost noise originated from a box of Frankenberry cereal, which is odd in a house where most meals were harvested from the 1 acre garden out back or pulled from frozen white parcels of deer meat in the freezer. But, unable to resist a deal, when the local grocery store offered Frankenberry boxes for 89 cents, my Father indulged his inner child and bought home a box of the unholy pink treat. He didn’t know then that the box contained more surprises than just HFCS and Red Dye #40. A surprise that would stick around for years.

When Dad opened the box of cereal at home, a haunted wail poured out. The marketing geniuses at General Mills had stuck a motion sensing noise device just inside the cardboard flaps. So whenever you wanted to get your Frankenberry on, you would be greeted by ghostly groans.

The box of Frankenberry soon ran it’s course, but Dad wasn’t ready to give up the creepy greeting. It tickled him and Dad was always a big goofball. He took the little sensor out of the box and put it in the drawer where Mom keeps all the crackers and the occasional bag of M&Ms. This all happened well over a decade ago.

dadMeApronsI remember one visit home, unaware of the ghost and looking for some saltines to go with my bowl of tomato soup, I pulled open the cracker drawer and jumped a few inches out of my own skin as the drawer started moaning. Dad laughed for a good 5 minutes.

The sensor is still in that drawer, still howling if you dare to go for a cracker. I imagine Dad still smiling that sideways smile, on whatever cloud he’s looking down from, whenever I get a snack at Mom’s house.


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