Secret Santa

 In Insanity

I’m starting an E-Commerce business in my home. It’s fun and exciting and I’m learning lots about business and drop shipping and oh, just all kinds of online stuff. It’s my business and I basically work by myself all day. It’s cool, I’ve got IM and my cell to keep me connected to the outside world.

Today, I realized that this is the first year I don’t have to buy any presents for my co-workers. So, I decided that perhaps I should organize a Secret Santa gift exchange with the 4 beings who share my office space. I’ve put our names in a shoe and luckily I’ve chosen KoE. I know exactly what she needs: another mousey toy.

I’m fairly sure Munchy got my name, I didn’t look at the paper she ate after she swatted it out of the shoe with her paw, but she’s been hanging pretty close to me, watching everything I do. I think she’s trying to get a sense of what I might want. I’m hoping for an Om necklace, but I’m pretty sure I’ll probably get some shedded fur left on my chair, (if I’m lucky.) I just hope she doesn’t get me the same thing she’s been giving me every week for the past couple of years, a puddle of fur-ball cat yack, in the middle of the living room floor. That is soo last year.

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