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It has been almost 6 weeks since I had a banana. All because my doctor gave me anti-fungals and put me on a diet so restrictive that even fruit sugars were considered a forbidden food-dancer. I blathered on about on my FaN blog recently.

After a month of not cheating AT ALL, eating only greens and proteins, suffering through hunger and super-dooooper cranky pantsyness (man, my poor husband), I had a follow up call with her.

She said “keep the diet up for 8 more weeks.” WHAAA? I sighed, buckled down and bought more deep green veg with some fish (yucky).

I’m losing weight like a mo-fo, but what follows that conversation was 10 more days of pouting, stomping, almost fainting (did I mention my low blood pressure? No? Well, it really isn’t any of your business, but yes, if you must be nosey, I have LOW blood pressure. Happy now? Have you stopped reading? Come back!! I promise the blog is gonna get really good and sexy in a few minutes, just stick with me. Sexy beer.) yelling and general bitchiness. It is so frustrating to not have a sandwich like a normal.

On day 10 of the NEW 8 week restrictions, (almost 6 weeks total) while reading an article about the L.A. coroner office, I stumbled on a quote from a local mortician. He said that everyone dies, no one really knows when, so – Eat, Drink and Be Merry, for tomorrow you may die. (I will thank that mortician every time I eat this month.) That night, on a walk with the ever patient husband, we discussed the options, the pros v. cons of continuing the diet or working through my stress/health issues in other ways. We came to the conclusion of Other Ways. (mainly cardio, yoga, meditation, friends and PMA). What it came down to was quality of life. Since I don’t have actual Candida yeast, only 2 lesser yeasts, I was satisfied with the action I had taken for 6 weeks. Because every second of life counts, I didn’t want to be miserable for one more of those life seconds.

That decision was 1 week ago and I feel pretty awesome right now. Yeah, my head is a little achey from sinus pressure, but whatevs. I’m still eating healthy, just not so restricted. My cardio is much improved now that I’m eating and the PMA is honestly making me feel better physically and psychologically.

Alot of this stuff is mental, and believe me, I am mental! (See rambling above. I promise to shorten next time, but it’s been 2 months since we’ve chatted.)

Oh! and because I promised you – sexy beer!

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  • Anonymous

    Beer is the cause of and cure to all life's problems.
    Sexy beer, well its the nectar of the gods.

  • Anonymous

    Beer is the cause of and cure to all life's problems.
    Sexy beer, well its the nectar of the gods.

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