Roe – Day – Oh: Day 4 of T-shirt Week

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Yesterday, I wore my awesome t-shirt souvenir from Roger Water’s The Wall live show, but we had no electricity, and I hadn’t gotten any sleep and I was sitting at a cafe working all day and there are rules about taking selfies in public. So no image for T-shirt Day 3, only the one you can conjure up in your head.  Here is the tee.

Today, totally different story. Power’s back on, I got plenty of sleep last night, but I’ve been so overwhelmed with work all day, and the vet came over to give our cat a steroid shot because she’s trying out for the Yankees got an allergic reaction to flea bites, but doesn’t have fleas (wtf cat?), that I didn’t have time to put my make-up on. (Yes, that’s a really long sentence. I used to feel bad about those until I read some Mark Twain. Now I feel bad about them and point out that Mark Twain is the King of run-on sentences)

Not wearing make-up in public seems like an act of aggression at my age, so the selfie today is a headless selfie. Just to show you the super cute tee I picked up at the Ventura Surf Rodeo event in early July. There was beer, surfing, bands, milling about and t-shirt purchasing.  I’m kinda in love with this tee.

Comfy, long and cute.

Comfy, long and cute.

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  • Jennifer

    Janey is going through the same thing. She got all rashy and grumpysoI took her to the vet and she was allergic to flew butts…lol…auto correct…*flea bites. She to got a steroid shot and is feeling much better! I think you should post your selfie. You look beautiful no matter what! 🙂

    • Stinky Junior

      Poor Janey! I think we all might have a slight allergy to flew butts 🙂 Livie literally was feeling better in a few hours after the steroid shot. She’s still kind of mad at us because the vet came back and gave her a flea preventative pill. She hates getting pilled!

      He kept saying “you’re sure you haven’t seen any fleas?” but he combed her and then said “Yep, you’re right…no fleas.” He also mentioned that it takes only one bite if they’re that allergic.

  • Jennifer

    Oh, and none of the other animals have fleas and the vet says all it takes is one flea!

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