My Bad Self(ie)

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This all started when I noticed the the thinning fabric in the butt of my jeans . They’re not super expensive jeans, I got them at Charlotte Russe around 7 years ago. I’m actually kind of surprised they have lasted this long, but I normally wear sun dresses and things other than jeans. But I needed at least a few jean options, so off to the mall we go.

I ended up buying everything but jeans: tops, dresses. Which required me to clean out some space in my dresser. During that clean up, I realized I have a gajillion t-shirts…which I never, ever wear. Lots of them went to charity, but lots stayed.

I hate having good clothes just sit in the drawer, so I declared August 4th – 10th The Week of The T-shirt. I’m a grown woman who works from home, so I can declare whatever I want. I planned to blog daily on the t-shirt, with a pic. I put on the cute tee that my hubby bought for me from The Oatmeal (who is hilarious), and grabbed my phone to take a picture.

This is when I discovered that I cannot take a selfie.

The first attempt:

Why are my boobs low and tube-y?

Why are my boobs low and tube-y?

Second attempt:


Um. In a word, no.

My husband came in and said “You need to take the selfie from above, go high up” so this happened.

It's like I'm throwing a baby in the air.

It’s like I’m throwing a baby in the air.

Then he pulled up The Chive to see how hot chicks take selfies. “Take one in a mirror” he said.  I failed.

I emit a glowing orb (Seen doing research next to me.)

I emit a glowing orb (Seen doing research next to me.)

We had to run errands, he posited that the best selfies are taken in the car.

Close, but no t-shirt.

Close, but no t-shirt.

Finally, something not too terrible.


As good as it’s going to get.

You can actually see most of the tee, only bat-cat is looking through a veil of my hair. I’m stopping the madness now.

More delightfully awful pix of me and my tees coming up all week!

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