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This post is for Aimee, who has the same name as me, but she spells hers the fancy way. She told me “I’ll delete you from my links if you don’t blog within 6 months.” I take that challenge very seriously! (not as seriously as the Special K challenge, for which I will choose as my weapon – Pistols at Dawn!!)

So this blog is for Aimee, even though nothin much is goin on and my opinions are being muted by the noise from the campaigns. The campaign about issues and the other campaign about pointless noise. I shall not blog about politics. I shall not blog about politics. I shall not blog about politics**

**My family has utterly different political views than I do. I love my family and political BS is not worth the cost of upsetting or getting upset with family. Plus the Henry’s do NOT do conflict well. We’re more hide in the hole until the Sabre Tooth passes kind o folks.

So I’ll just blog a little for Aimee. Hi Aimee! I like Boston Cream Pie too, but I don’t really care for HSM, (maybe I do, I’ve just never seen it…) Let’s go eat some Hot Wings!

For Aimee
From Amy

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  • Aimee

    hahaha! I heart this blog post.

  • Aimee

    hahaha! I heart this blog post.

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