Location, location, location – Day 5 of T-Shirt Week

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Ling Ling approves.

Ling Ling approves.

I try to own a t-shirt from everywhere I’ve lived, except Chicago. I’m working up to buying a Cubbies Tee, as soon as my current t-shirt surplus subsides. The CA tee I’m sporting today was purchased at a little touristy shop on the Santa Monica Pier. So I’m pretty much covered, as long as I stay in Cali.

2014 Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos!

2014 Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos!

BONUS: Sneaky Seen (my GB Packer fan husband) watched me wishfully shopping the Broncos NFL swag site a few weeks back, lamenting that I wanted some piece of clothing slathered with a retro Broncos feel. This soft, cute and warm hoodie showed up on our doorstep today. That’s a good man.

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