I’m in Love with Walter

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Hi Friends! So much has happened in the last 6 months: Fostering kittens, job interviewing, living next to Whitey Bulger. Check out the highlights at my FierceAndNerdy Blog. It’s totally all about having fun, and junk…

One of those things, the fostering kittens for Lange Foundation, turned out to be lots of fun. We adopted the mama kitty, Olivia. She’s a tiny tortie. The reason I’m rehashing here, at the risk of over-kittening you lovely readers, is to post about Walter. Of her 3 kittens, the other two being Peter and Astrid (the Fringe litter, doncha know), Walter is the only one who hasn’t been adopted yet.

Oh Hai! My name is Walter and I’m pretty much awesome.

I am madly in love with Walter, but can’t take another cat! He’s so smart. He also absolutely loves playing while on your legs and snoozing in laps. He will stare at you lovingly while chewing on a toy or before he zonks out for a nap. He’s a gorgeous kitten, about 12 weeks old now. We did a photo shoot with him just before we brought his Mom home with us. Share these pictures with SoCal friends who might want to adopt the best orange kitten in the history of the world.  Get Walter a home! (click on this link to get his current address, so you can, ya know, go pick him up…)

What’s in your cat turret Olivia? 
Seen and Olivia 

Olivia liked to wrangle kittens. This wasn’t one of her biological kittens, but Seen found her sitting on top of the poor girl. Take a look at her wet neck, Mama Olivia was cleaning her.

Walter had a cold, so they put him in Iso (I call it Jail)

Walter started off the photo shoot with a booger.
So I picked it for him.


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