Here I am now, entertain me.

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Hello over by you,

I have sour belly from riding about in the car all day today. Urp.

I just wanted to alert you to my new blog (Seriously, how many blogs should one person have?? )
Apparently, I’m very fascinated by me.

Don’t you judge me, just check out my blog about learning things from Ling Ling. It’s entertaining to Seen, and honestly, that’s all that really matters.

Ole Narcissus

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  • Joseph

    Thank you. I’ve added Ling Ling’s blog to My Blog List. Joseph from Troy Bear. Yeow!

  • Seen Robinson

    This is the best present ever. A blog just for me. To everyone else out there, enjoy, but give me 10% of the royalties. So I can keep feeding Ling Ling. (She requires an owner toll, that she usually takes out of my toes every morning).

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