Here at the Paradise – Day 6 o’ T-shirt week

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My sister, Janet, and I used to make up dance routines to the Paradise Theatre album from Styx when we were kids. It was one of her favorite bands. She got to see them earlier this year in KS, so when I found out they were playing my local county fair. I jumped at the chance to go rock out.

Since the concert ticket was included in the $10 admission to the fair, I had some change rolling around in my pocket to buy Styx swag. I took home the best tee option they had. (DISCLAIMER: the best option they had that didn’t include rhinestones.)

Ermagherd Sterhyx

Ermagherd Sterhyx

The concert was fun. Tommy Shaw is reverse aging with flowing locks, a great voice and leather pants. The keyboard player was obnoxiously over-the-top intentionally cheesy (he was twerking his heinie at the audience during the first song). It was 56 degrees and windy (in AUGUST!) and they didn’t play my favorite Styx song – The Best of Times, from that Paradise Theatre album. So, I’ll leave you with that song as I slow-dance, 8th grade style, with my husband in our home office…

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  • flapperfemme

    Now I haven’t been to the county fair to “see a show” in years. But you must remember that not only am I from Normal, Illinois–I was in 4-H for years. And I DO know about fairs.

    Love the STYX. Love your F.S. (“Fair Swag”–an acronym which I should not have to explain, seeing as you coined it. Sorry you couldn’t get the rhinestones, though).

    What i love the MOST, however, is your 8th grade moment. Hope you and Seen rock it. But tell Seen to keep those hands at your waist. No sliding down, now.

    Just call me your friendly, and cool, dance monitor.


    • Stinky Junior

      Seriously want to know what you did in 4H! I raised bunnies when I was 8ish, which I don’t even want to think about now.

  • Janet

    I bought the same swag & thought the same thing – best nonblingy option. Though I look less paranoid in mine.

    • Stinky Junior

      I thought we might have gotten different shirts because I didn’t see your concert in the list on the back! We need to wear these at the same time when we go to Dirty Girl.

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