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Hey Everybody!

The 6 week old kitten I pulled out of traffic (aka Road Kitty, aka Annie) and gave to a rescue organization is getting an operation!

I’m still in touch with the rescue, because I think Annie is an awesome cat and deserves a chance at a normal happy life. Carrie, who is an amazingly sweet person let me know about Annie’s condition. Turns out that lame arm of hers was shattered when she was hit by the car. It’s useless, in the way and can’t be all that great to lug around. The vet has decided to remove the useless leg. Annie is in a very caring foster home and will be okay once the operation is over. Happy Strays is looking to raise enough money to cover the procedure. They are a bonafide Charity, you can donate to them in a million ways, just check their site:

BUT – if you would like to help little Road Kitty heal, you can donate directly to her cause on this page:

Even though she’s living elsewhere, I feel responsible for the life of this little creature and would love it you could donate whatever you can, even a little bit helps. Just think if 25 people donate $20, we’re halfway home! If you are out of moolah, pass the word and let your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. help out on this one too!

As my niece says “Handicapped Kittens are even more adorable…”

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