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I just had to share this somewhere on the cybernets. I have ginger in my ears.

If you’ve been around me the past 2 years, you know that I’ve been hit with Benign Positional Puddling Vertigo (It’s BPPV, but I don’t know what the second P is right now and I’m not looking it up. So there.) Basically, the world spins, I get dizzy and even more unbalanced than usual. I have sort of figured out the triggers; stress and cocoa powder. So, get stressed out, eat a brownie, go on a spin for about 2-6weeks. YAY!

We went to a specialist last week, she’s doing blood tests and lots of other tests to check my allergies and hormones and stuff. Her approach is a blend of Western and Holistic medicines. She said that there really is no cure for vertigo. I take ginger supplements daily and she mentioned, off-hand that some people put a slice of ginger in the ear. Wha?

I couldn’t find anything about it on the Google, so I just put it in my back-pocket for later use. Well later turned into today, the day after my 41st B-day (thankyouverymuch) I woke up fine, but started feeling tilty. I took some sudafed, my vitamins, ate and had some tea. Still feeling crooked, so I thought “What the heck, might as well give this a try.”

So, I whacked off a small piece of ginger from the tiny root we bought last week and stuck a small piece in each ear. It felt cool, then odd, then warm from the ginger oils. I’m not certain it helped much with the dizziness, I’m a smidge more even-keel. It definitely improved my mood. I was laughing at myself for walking around with ginger in my ears.

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