Gimme Some Sugar, Baby

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You may have noticed, by the tone of my blogumns on Fierce and Nerdy, that I am obsessed with sugar. Baking is fun, social, creative and can be hilarious. Other folks must feel that same way because the internets are filled with drool-worthy recipes/imagery that need to be shared with YOU!

So going forward, Friday is going to be Sugar Chaser day on my ole blog here.

Here is the Sugar Chase o’ the Week from the OMG blog NotSoHumblePie:

Cookies for Geeks! (Dude, that’s the periodic table…in cookies!)

The dichotomy of this is that I know that sugar is bad, bad, bad for you. It’s a toxin, it destroys cells, it ages you faster, it makes me grumpy and crampy and fat. Yup, my brain is smart. More often than not my brain controls what my hand puts into my mouth. But sometimes, when my brain isn’t looking, I’ll sneak a cookie in. (When I worked at the regional office for The Whole, I managed to convince my brain that organic meant healthy. On a steady diet of organic sugar cookies, I gained 15 lbs.)

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