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Vacation equals food to me. Sure, you get to go enjoy other cultures, see beautiful art and natural wonders, but what can we eat there?

My vacation from the ole day job occurred last week. Originally, I had planned on flying to Colorado for the weekend. My crazy family had convinced me to join in a mud run. Unfortunately, Colorado got overly muddy last weekend, to put it mildly, and our event was cancelled.

You can have all kinds of fun if you serendipitly, wear a green dress to a museum who takes souvenir pix using a green screen!

All kinds of fun if you, by happy accident, wear a green dress to a museum where souvenir pix are taken in front of a green screen!

Since it was short notice, the hubs and I did a sort of stay-cation. We drove into LA to visit the museum I’ve always wanted to see, but hadn’t. We attended a gallery event. We drove up the coast to Cambria to visit a friend for a night. There was much noshing during this time.

The morning after our little Cambria jaunt, I awoke headachey, joint achey and nauseated. Between the pasta, wine, pea soup, beer, french toast, peanut butter cookies, wheat thins and soda, my kidneys couldn’t filter out all the crap. Oh, and my kidney’s hurt too.

It was then I decided to eat clean. In an earlier era of my life, I had cleaned sugar out of my diet. If you’ve ever worked in an office with me, or been in the vicinity of my home, you know I love to bake. So cutting sugar is horribly difficult. But being sick is even more difficult.

Normally a chicken and grain type of girl, eschewing anything mammalian, I have finally made the decision to change over, full-time, to legumes, veggies and grains.  Last week news reports alerted us that  processed chicken, consumed in America, will now be coming from China (you remember China? The “there is arsenic in your pet food” China?), and that antibiotic use in farm animals is causing immunities to disease, and death in humans who consume them.

Gimme Meats!

Gimme Meats!

I was almost there anyway, but it looks like I’m going veg now. I didn’t really eat dairy before (gassy), so I guess I’m a vegan who eats eggs, and fish, and honey. OK, fine, I’m not a vegan.

I’m just a gal, concerned about all the random crap in my meat. There is also a part of me who has ethical problems with the way we now raise and kill our food supply. But I understand humans are omnivores, so no dispersion on your character should you continue to mow down that cheeseburger. I’m making a choice to limit the amount of processed crap I put down my gullet, and avoiding eating any animal who has had all kinds of crap put into their systems.

And as a cat owner, cats being obligate carnivores, I’ll still purchase meat products for the kitties. I just can’t commit to making them homemade chicken foods. Still, I’ll find any mention of lamb included the cat food packet troubling forever though. Lambs are cute little fuggers.

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