Funny. Not Funny.

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You know what’s funny? Replacing your husband’s cover photo and profile pic on Facebook with Nic Cage on April Fools Day. I had an evil plot to schedule Nic-Facts to post all day long from his FB page, but scheduling is apparently still in development at the Facebook campus. (Even though they have it for business pages…)


Would you like to know what’s not funny? Waking up at 2:00 a.m. on April 1st to your cat having a violent seizure and slamming herself into the wall. I wasn’t even fully awake by the time I’d scooped her up and held her, feeling her muscles spasm. She drooled all over me and herself. She was seizing so hard it was terrifying. After she stopped, and took a few minutes to realize where she was again, I stayed up most of the rest of the night, watching her, hoping it wouldn’t happen again.



Our fabulous vet came over first thing this morning, talked to us for at least 45 minutes about possible causes. Then he realized that the cat who had the seizures last night, Olivia, wasn’t the same cat who has suffered from seizures in the past.

That’s right, we have two cats with seizure issues, which is apparently extraordinarily rare. Ling Ling had her first seizure about 2 years ago, and they have never been as violent as the one Olivia had last night. The odds of having two cats who have seizures¬†are like a million to one.

The vet took blood, calmed down the humans and gave us suggestions about how to proceed. She recovered quickly, so he doesn’t think it’s an external toxin. And they are indoor cats, with the exception of a monthly regulated/observed porch time. So now we wait to see if she has any weird markers in her blood tests. While we wait, she’s getting a lot of treats, snuggling and I’m taking a nap.

Since we’re feeling so rare today, I may go buy a lottery ticket. (After the nap.)

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