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Hi Guys…

You know I’m a lard-ass right… (I told you yesterday.) Now, I gotta admit that I’m addicted to TV. Check out the plea on my Fierce And Nerdy blog for you to help a sista out RIGHT NOW!! Put down that remote and give me addiction kicking suggestions.

I’m thinking, and have found many articles on the internets to support this, that my TV addiction could be contributing to my fat ass. (that’s right, I said ass twice in one blog. If you wanna hurt me, take away my TV) As I was researching the addiction, I found a bunch of sites that delve into the scientific aspects of TV addition. Dudes, it’s a real thing! Holy crapstada! I have all the “symptoms” So embarassing!

Scroll down on this page to check out this Kaufman Spectrum of Television Addiction chart

Here’s more facts and things.

I may actually have to follow through on this kicking the habit thing. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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  • Joseph

    Think about making a decision to read or listen to music – or brush the cat – at the time you usually watch Two and a half Men, or whatever your drug (show) of choice is. Or tell yourself that you’re going to watch your favorite show on the computer, which is enough of a hassle that you’ll through in the towel. Joseph from Troy Bear (try it, it works) PS: Don’t you hate these word verification things?

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