Breathing and bikes

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Aaaaggghhh!!! That’s how I’ve decided to start my blogs now. It came to me as I was clipped by a bike speeding down the sidewalk. That was the noise I made. Ya like?

The noises I made afterward were fun too, it was mostly mumbling – “GAw, I hate stupid cyclists who don’t follow rules!!” “I should have taken off my shoe and thrown it at his head!” “I wish I would have had my arm out and clotheslined him.” (BTW, not the guy in the picture…)

I ride a bicycle around Santa Monica, in the bike lane, using my little adorable bike bell if pedestrians are nearby. Can I invoke Karma to kick this guys butt?

So I came home and listened to a meditation from The Meditation Society of Australia. ahhhh. I’ve been meditating a lot more the last few months. You can read about the tools I’ve found and how it’s perked me right up on my latest Fierce And Nerdy blogumn!

Be careful out there!

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